Peace of Mind For Parents


You have spent your life putting your children first. Making sure they've been fed, clothed, educated and well-raised, you're proud of them. The idea of ever being a "burden" is out of the question. You would do anything to avoid putting your kids in the position of having to take care of you. Or you might just pray a lot.


The reality is, at some point in your life, you will probably need some kind of help. And even if you don't, no one lives forever. As parents, you expect to pass before your children. Do you have a will? Do your children know what your desires are for your assets once you're gone? Do they know what kind of end-of-life ideas you have? Do you?


Thinking about these things can be very uncomfortable. Morbid. Sad. But this can also be empowering. Opening up these conversations with your family when you're still healthy is much less threatening than waiting until too late (or not at all). By discussing your desires and beginning to assign specific roles to your children, you will help them in ways you can only begin to comprehend. It's a very loving gift that will bear dividends.


To get an idea of the kinds of things you might want to begin addressing, here's an article you might find of interest: 8 Things You Must Discuss


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