Light of Gray Mission


Light of Gray's mission is to raise awareness in parents and children of the importance of being prepared for life's inevitable changes. There is no way to plan for every contingency. The expression that sums it up best is "Man makes plans and God laughs." But if you do some planning, you may find a little more joy along the way.


Caregivers burn out. It happens to those who prepare and to those who don't. But those who are equipped can find respite and recovery. Those who aren't have a much tougher time.


Light of Gray is here to help make your life easier, so when the time comes, you won't be that deer caught in the headlights. You'll be ready with keys to the next phase of your life. It's never easy. But with preparation and support, it will be a lot less painful for everyone involved.


So before you notice your mother asking the same question three times in one afternoon, why not get started? Learn which questions you need to ask. Start the conversation. May you never find yourself in this sad position, having to give or receive care. But in the event that you do, arrive with the proper tools and teammates. Making those connections is what Light of Gray is all about.


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