Light of Gray is Resource for Families.


Founded by Tracey Lawrence, a woman who has faced the reality that as parents age, they often need an advocate as their abilities diminish. The last decade of her life has defined her passion for caregiving elders, as her parents reached health crises requiring her intervention. All of her life experience has led her to create "Light of Gray."


Having been in the position of having to care for her own parents, she intimately understands the difficulties involved: there are emotional, financial and legal components that come as a shock to many. As we live longer lives, the number of people surviving to profound old age continues to grow, and even the most independent of seniors often find themselves in need of some kind of support. Preparing for those needs goes a long way toward enabling their fulfillment.


Whether you're a parent, a child, or maybe both; if you have older people in your life for whom you have affection, regardless of blood relationship; if you are childless and concerned about your future; there are resources available here for you.


We also highly recommend the pursuit of "Grand Family Planning." Learn more here.


The Light of Gray is all about raising awareness and shedding light on a growing set of human needs. If you can't find specific information you seek, feel free to contact Light of Gray.


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